The Canyon Road is a Creative Production Company specializing in television promos and entertainment content. We approach every project with passion and precision, regardless of budget or schedule.


You know that feeling?

When you just click with someone?

When collaboration is easy, ideas flow freely, budgets are honest and transparent?

And you know that whatever the challenge, the answer is always yes?

You know when someone just gets it?

Yeah, we do too.

Lifetime “Glam Masters”
Directed by – Tyler Greco
Gold Winner: PromaxBDA 2018

What We Do

That’s the feeling that started The Canyon Road, and that’s the feeling we maintain through every phase of a project. Creative through post, kickoff call through wrap party.

Lifetime “Glam Masters”
Directed by – Tyler Greco
Gold Winner: PromaxBDA 2018

Creation & Creative

We have a team of creative directors who believe that great work starts with great ideas. Sometimes it’s a pitch, a script, or that one kernel of an idea that blows up into a global phenomenon.


  • Pitch Development
  • Concepting
  • Scripting
  • Creative Direction


Simple green screen interview?
Gotcha covered.
Multiplatform integrated campaign shoot?
Welcome to our wheelhouse.
We are nimble.
We are safe.
We are efficient.

We are a pack of hungry wolves scratching to tear into your next project with wild fervor. (metaphorically speaking, of course)


  • 360 Campaigns
  • Integrated Shoots
  • Co-Branded Shoots
  • Key Art & PR Shoots
  • Global Production Capabilities

Post & Visual Effects

Developed, shot, edited, finished. Put a bow on it, then put it out into the world. It’s the icing on the cake, the sparkle in the close up, the chopped scallions on the albacore.

Okay, actually, sometimes it’s the entire project.


  • Editorial
  • Motion Graphics
  • Colour
  • Visual Effects
  • Design

Our Clients

Meet the Pack

Carissa Buffel

EP / Partner

Carissa says YES to...

  •  Funny, fun people
  •  Late nights in the South of France
  •  Great coffee
  •  Discovery
  •  Beautiful Music
  •  Physics
  •  The entirety of the natural world and being able to experience all of it
  •  Kicking ass with no name taking
  •  And Being in that great groove with the whole team

Kevin Matusow

EP / Partner

Kevin says YES to...

  •  Crossword puzzles, newspaper, and coffee in the early AM
  •  Rolled up Aces over Kings
  •  A long walk (not ruined) on any golf course in the world
  •  World travel
  •  An epic meal
  •  Anything British (scones, PG tips, Land Rovers... I said bloody well anything!)
  •  The DODGERS!
  •  Movies, theater, the Hollywood Bowl
  •  Magic (the close up, intimate, and mind-boggling kind)
  •  People excelling at their jobs
  •  And Traveling the Canyon Road less traveled

Kate Bacon


Kate says YES to...

  •  Strong Coffee
  •  Good Grammar
  •  A quick sense of humor
  •  No traffic
  •  Live music
  •  Nice People
  •  And a stick shift

Krista Liney

EP / Executive Creative Director

Krista says YES to...

  •  Dogs
  •  The road less traveled
  •  Carbs... like, all of them
  •  Laughter
  •  Nice, genuine people
  •  Snowboarding
  •  Wine
  •  Unbridled creativity
  •  Baking (the Great British Baking Show is everything)
  •  and Adventure!

Christine Roux

Staff Producer / Head of Production

Christine says YES to...

  •  Teamwork
  •  Traveling
  •  Family
  •  Solving problems
  •  Crunching numbers
  •  Meeting deadlines
  •  Mermaids
  •  Making new friends
  •  Dancing
  •  Champagne
  •  Glitter
  •  and her cat Charlie.

Adam Dlugolecki

Production Supervisor

Adam says YES to...

  •  Call sheets
  •  Creative challenges
  •  Musical theatre
  •  Decks
  •  Sondheim and Stoppard
  •  Raising the bar
  •  Lowering his environmental impact
  •  Great concepts
  •  Last minute changes
  •  Pirates
  •  Pre-pro books
  •  And watching Airplane

Chloe Looper

Production Coordinator

Chloe says YES to...

  •  Attention to detail
  •  Making spreadsheets
  •  The Renaissance Faire
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Creative Design
  •  Sewing her own clothes
  •  Miyazaki films
  •  Baking (and eating) cookies

Gabrielle Geiger

Production Concierge

Gabrielle says YES to...

  •  Global adventures
  •  Making friends
  •  Anticipating needs
  •  Smooth-running sets
  •  Farm animals
  •  Vegan ice cream
  •  And making everyone smile


Promax North America Promotion, Marketing, and Design Awards

2023 Promax Award
"Wednesday Hates Marketing"
— GOLD —

2023 Promax Award
ABC Entertainment
"Beauty and the Beast Live!" On-Air Campaign
"Beauty and the Beast Live! - Introducing Belle"

2023 Promax Award
ABC Entertainment
"The Rookie Feds: Simone's Reflections"

Promax North America Promotion, Marketing, and Design Awards

2021 Promax Award
BET Networks
"American Soul Season 2"
— GOLD —

2021 Promax Award
ABC Entertainment
"The Bachelor: Ghost"

2021 Promax Award
"Huluween: Almost Scary Campaign" + "Happiest Season 'Proposal'"

Graphis Poster 2020 Annual
BET Networks
"American Soul"
Photographer: Sophy Holland

Graphis Poster 2020 Annual
BET Networks
"Hit the Floor"
Photographer: Sophy Holland

Promax North America Promotion, Marketing, and Design Awards

2019 Promax Award
ABC Entertainment
"The Little Mermaid Live! Campaign"
— GOLD —

2019 Promax Award
Fox Entertainment
"BH90210 Campaign"

2019 Promax Award
A+E Networks/Lifetime
"Supernanny: Taken"

2019 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
Outstanding Daytime Promotional Announcement
"Lifetime's 24th Annual Stop Breast Cancer For Life Campaign"

Promax Global Excellence Promotion, Marketing, and Design Awards

2018 Promax Award
A+E Networks/Lifetime
“Glam Masters”
— GOLD —

Promax North America Promotion, Marketing, and Design Awards

2018 Promax Award
BET Networks
“TV Everywhere: Free”